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Articles about Cardini

From Australia to London to New York, follow Cardini on his amazing career through these articles collected by Cardini and his wife, Swan. Also included here are some of the most mystified, astonished and positive show business reviews ever written.

The items are in chronological order.

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Majestic Theatre

"It is 18 months since he first appeared in vaudeville, and his career has been consistently successful. His card act took him eight years to perfect, and he has crafted a miscellaneous magic act which is still more intricate."

Majestic Theatre

November 21, 1925
Spotlite Review

"The reviewer has seen most of the card experts and illusionists in vaudeville, but Cardini is the peer of them all. His palming is uncanny. He grasps cards, bells, lighted cigarettes and other objects out of thin air. Above all, he has personality and showmanship."

Spotlite Review

Camden Evening Courier
January 7, 1927
Well that's a card !

"Cardini, Jr. promises to be more expert than his father in the manipulation of cards. He is getting an earlier start."

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Well that's a card !

SanFranciso's Home Newspaper
Cardini Just Slickest of the Slick

"Cardini has injected a new note into modern magic."

Cardini Just Slickest of the Slick

Syracuse Journal
March 9, 1931
Cardini's Magical Act Takes Week's Honors

"Cardini is acknowledged by professional magicains as being the greatest performer in pure sleight-of-hand the stage has seen for many years. It is known that with cards he performs feats which, because of the extreme difficulty of execution, no other manipulator has ever attempted."

Cardini's Magical Act Takes Week's Honors

St Paul Daily News
April 26, 1931
Cardini- a card wizard who was too good for our theatres

"After showing in Australia, he went to the United States, where, very soon, he topped the bill! Now London is seeing him for the first time and is amazed. "

Cardini Kept Cool

"I liked the cool manner in which A Cardini, who extracts playing cards and lighted cigarettes from the air, did his tricks for the lords and ladies at the Embassy Club, with some of them sitting behind him."

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Buffalo Has Magicians Act that Royalty Saw in May

"Cardini and a portion of his "command" to perform for King George and Queen Mary."

The King Enjoys Crazy Show

"The two biggest individual successes were undoubtably found in Cardini, who kept the audience gasping while the King and Queen, lorgnette to her eyes, leant forward intently for nearly ten minutes"

At the Palace this Week

"As a matter of fact, we don't even remember seeing any one quite as good as this man is. His technique is flawless and his movements are lighting fast."