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Articles about Cardini

From Australia to London to New York, follow Cardini on his amazing career through these articles collected by Cardini and his wife, Swan. Also included here are some of the most mystified, astonished and positive show business reviews ever written.

The items are in chronological order.

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Little Old New York

"I learned about Michael Collins, first-hand, on our 1936 trip to London. Through the sister of Cardini, stage magician, who was on the ship, we met Sir John Larery, distinguished Irish painter."

Little Old New York

New York Daily News
October 22, 1952
Close Call

"Johnny, a parakeet which does magic under Cardini's direction, took off during afternoon dress rehearsal and made an unscheduled tour of the hotel."

Date is a guess

Close Call

Unknown Newspaper
Memories of Friends Past and Present

"Cardini played most of them at one time or another, and captivated the massive audiences with cards, cigarettes and billiard balls when most of us considered these to be close-up or club material. "

Memories of Friends Past and Present

The Linking Ring - Volume 73 number 10
October 1993