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Cardini Pictures

Here are photos from the personal collection of Cardini and his wife, Swan.

The items are in chronological order.

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Richard and Lillian

This is an old picture. On the back is written:

Richard Pitchford

Lillian "

I assume this is Cardini as a child and his sister, Lillian

Hospital Patient

On the front are the words "Hospital Patient 1915".

On the back is written:
"R.V.Pitchford 1915
Recuperating from war 1914"

A young Cardini

All dressed up and ready to go to war

Miss May Walker

On the back is written in handwriting

"Miss May Walker"

It could, I suppose be Swan. Her maiden name was walker.

Date is a guess.

Swan, Richard and Cardini

This is typed on the back:
"This photo was taken last year 1928 out in California, Los Angeles. Richard was only 8 months old.

Cardini Jr.

This is Richard Pitchford Jr., Cardini's son and my father.

This picture was used in this article

Cardini in a Play

Date is a guess.

Cardini with Son and Car

Cardini's son is Richard Pitchford Jr., my father

A Group Portrait

I don't know who these people are. If you know please email me at Peter@cardini.tv

Date is a guess.

Richard Skiing

This is probably on the Cardini property in Gardiner, NY in the Catskill Mountains.

Date is a guess.