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Articles about Cardini

From Australia to London to New York, follow Cardini on his amazing career through these articles collected by Cardini and his wife, Swan. Also included here are some of the most mystified, astonished and positive show business reviews ever written.

The items are in chronological order.

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The Palace, New York

"Cardini, the Prestidigitator, who improves at a compound inerest pace every time we catch him, had them virtually transfixed under the spell of his gorgeous employmet of sleight-of-hand."

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The Palace, New York

The Billboard
October 11, 1935
A Galaxy of Stars

"I sat in the audience and I watched Cardini do bewildering feats with cards. He produced them by the hundred from "thin air." He transformed them by a sweep of his hand into the most amazing fashions-and all with a pair of kid gloves on. This, of course makes his skill far more astounding."

A Galaxy of Stars

Liverpool Evening Express
June 30, 1937

"The cards go so quickly the the eye can't see them. "


August 25, 1937
The Latin Quarter

"CARDINI ... HAS ... played every great show place in the world.. He has given a command performance before the king and Queen of England... He has seen the only magician to appear at Radio City music hall as many as four time ... Currently, at the Latin Quarter, Cardini is collaborating with a female bird, named Tony, in one of the greatest feats of magic ever conceived."

The Latin Quarter

December 3, 1940
Cardini, The World's Most Imitated Magician

"Today Cardini still headlines the nation's big shows. The Society of American Magicians has made him their chief executive this year. He has given command performances in Europe; entertained Presidents of this country."

16 Girls in

A famed magician, Cardini, suave deceiver and sleight of hand artist will add comedy to his magic for a real show stopper.

 Magician Steals Hollywood Parade show at Roberts

Cardini-- as he is known on the stage-- is one of our greatest magicians, much more a star because he performs his work with a pair of white cotton gloves on his hands. His tricks are amazing, baffling and unbelievable. For here is the man who can take lighted cigarettes-- dozens of them -- out of thin air, and can make solid balls change color as he tosses them into the air

Magician Steals Hollywood Parade show at Roberts

Camp Roberts Dispatch
December 11, 1942
Hand Not Quicker Than Eye, Cardini Reveals

"I asked him first if he called himself a magician or a sleight-of-hand artist. 'Well there is a difference,' he explained, 'but I am a little of both. A magician usually has a lot of props, whereas I only use a couple and build my act around a pack of cards ands the cigarettes.'"

Card Tricks with Gloves ? They Thought Cardini Crazy

"He's played a command performance for the King of England, President Truman has had him at the White House--Roosevelt liked him so much he entertained F.D.R. and family four different times--he was featured seven times at Radio City Music Hall, and was practically a fixture at the famous Palace in New York which booked him for 11 engagements."

Card Tricks with Gloves ? They Thought Cardini Crazy"

The Boston Daily Globe
November 2, 1948