Well, That's a Card!

(caption)Four queens and one baby make a hand full—or a full hand. If you don't believe it ask Richard Cardini, magician at the Golden Gate Theater. He'll tell you it's a fact because he has to amuse the audience and his young son, shown here, at the same time.

Only Six Months Old, but He Knows How To Hold Four Queens

You can make a full hand out of four queens.

Any poker player who doubts the statement is respectfully referred to Richard Cardini, the card expert, now at the Golden Gate Theater.

It is the simplest trick in the world. You put the joker with them. In this case the joker is Richard Cardini Jr.

If you think that is not a handful, just try amusing a six-month-old baby and an audience of a couple ftf thousand without losing- track of a card.

You might expect to find Cardini Jr. at home with his mother. Mrs. Cardini is in the act. That makes it necessary to entertain the baby with the audience.

"For this purpose," explains Cardini, 'I use only an ordinary pack of playing cards. I have nothing up . my sleeve. If you, think there is any deception bring your own playing cards and I will use them. Understand I do not promise to return them in perfect condition.

Cardini, Jr. promises to be more expert than his father in the manipulation of cards. He is getting an earlier start.

This "four queens" is his favorite trick. He does not select them from the deck. He takes them just as they are handed to him. A few minutes later he will return a deck minus all queens.

Clever ? Only the son of a card expert could think up that one.