'Spotlite Review Tops Towers' Bill

Although they are billed in the smallest type in the program, the "Cyclone Eight" chorus ladies in the Spotlite Review, the headliners at the Towers for the closing half of the week, are the biggest thing on the program.

Good looking and shapely, these dancing damsels do their stuff along the lines of the famous Tiller girls, and they dance well. They make up the berst group of dancing chorus girls that ever graced the Towers stage. Featured members of the act are Eddie Prinz, a capable male "hoofer," and Ray and Rosie Lyte, dance specialists.

Cardini, the "Suave Deciever", would be a mean apponent in a first class game of Poker. The reviewer has seen most of the card experts and illusionists in vaudeville, but Cardini is the peer of them all. His palming is uncanny. He grasps cards, bells, lighted cigarettes and other objects out of thin air. Above all, he has personality and showmanship."

A sprightly comedy offering is presented by Glenn Eastman and lulu Moore. Their material is bright and new and is well handled, while the finish of the act is a real novelty. BNoth have nice voices. This is os one if the bright spots on the bill.

Eckert and Lee, kin ka comedy talking and singing act, and Clayton and Clayton, in an unusual tur that includes crayon sketches and food singing, round out a bill that is lacking in comedy, but real entertainment.