Cardini Just Slickest of the Slick


A shell sent Cardini in the hospital and during his convalescence he studied magic. But that isn't what makes him so popular at Keith's. It is his combination of skill, personality, and artistry. He's a product of South Wales and he has never played an European date. As a boy he went into the Kitchener army in 1914 . When he practiced his card tricks in the trenches it was cold wet and muddy. So he practiced with gloves on, and he's still wearing gloves in most of his tricks. The second time he went to the hospital it was in sections, and he didn't get out for two years.

Cardini has injected a new note into modern magic. Audiences have been trained to think of a magician as a glib fellow whose gab serves two purposes. It entertains and distracts attention from the busy hands. Cardini says not a word from the time he steps on. Misdirection, as can easily be seen, is much more difficult in such a manner. He wears a pair of regulation cloth gloves during his mystifying and beautiful card routine, removing only when he starts with his little colored billiard balls, which appear, multiply, diminish and disappear in mid air, so to speak. His production of cigaret after cigaret from "nowhere" is a masterpiece of precision.