Today's Star

At the Palace this week is an artist in his profession who appears under the name of Cardini. He doesn't speak a word during the entire act, and there is really no reason why he should. His hands do all the talking.

Cardini is the first man we've ever seen do sleight of hand tricks with thick gloves on. He wears a pair of chamois skins or pigskins, and manipulates cards with a dexterity that most magicians could not equal with bare hands. As a matter of fact, we don't even remember seeing any one quite as good as this man is. His technique is flawless and his movements are lighting fast.

Cardini uses nothing but cards, lighted cigarettes, a cigar and a pipe and colored balls for his act. Magic will never lose its appeal as long as there are people like Cardini putting on entertainments of this caliber. We recommend your attention. BOB GRANIS