1925, (Melbourne Austrailia ?) Cardini who is mystifying audiences at the Majestic Theatre with a clever card manipulation act. Unlike most magicians who do not usually become proficient in their art until will on in the sere and yellow, Cardini admits to only 29 summers. Nevertheless, into his comparatively brief, experience he has crowded a lifetime of experience, the result of nearly 20 years of roving.

By Birth he's half French and half Welsh, and he has inherited the mercurial spirits of both races. His early life was spent in Wales, but when scarcely he respoded to the call of adveture and went out into the world to seek his fortune. Since then he has engaged in 40 occupation and has travelled many time around the world. When war broke out in 1914, he enlisted in Kitcheners Army.

His first engagement was Ypres, where he was wounded. Sent down the line, he turned his talents to amusing his comrades with card tricks. In 1915 came the Somme offensice, but this time khe did not escape so lightly. He was reported dead, and the news killed his mother. For wwo and a half years he was in hospital, suffering from the effects of gas and shell shock and for a time lost the power of speech.

On his return to civilian life he put the dexterity gainded in the trenches to practicle use, and for four years was employed in the "magic department" of Gamages's in London, demonstrating some 2,500 tricks. In his spare time he gave entertainments for the Masonic dinners and similar function. For health reasons he was obliged to take a long sea voyafe, and on the way out his skill at card manipulation aroused so much inerest that on his arrival in Austrlia he enrolled himself under the Fuller banner.

It is 18 months since he first appeared in vaudeville, and his career has been consistently successful. His card act took him eight years to perfect, and he has crafted a miscellaneous magic act which is still more intricate. He will present next week.