Cardini, the Suave Deciever

Cardini, three time President of the Society of American Magicians, is credited by magicians all over the world with originating card magic as it is practiced today.

Born Richard Valentine Pitchford, Cardini grew up in wales and practiced magic in the trenches of World War I and in the hospital. After the war he made his way to America, traveling around the world, through Australia, amazing even other magicians with his dexterity and showmanship.

And what is even more amazing, Cardini did most of his magic routine while wearing gloves!!

Over time, Cardini developed a silent, manipulation act with cards, billiard balls, and cigarettes unlike anything before it in the history of magic. His flawless technique, superb misdirection, and elegant style earned him enormous success and respect...and a host of imitators.

Cardini created new inroads in vaudeville for other magicians, and during the thirties and fourties was considered by many people to be the most imitated man in the world. He played the White House eight times, gave a Command performance before the King and Queen of England, and was the second person to have his name up in lights at Radio City Music Hall.

hand with card fan

About this site

This site was written as a tribute to Cardini by Cardini's grandson, Peter Pitchford.The material was given to my family by Grandad and Grandma, and includes much that has never been seen by the general public until now.